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Maintenance of Way Equipment

ATEL Equipment Services

For Sale or Lease
2015 Brandt R4 Power Unit with OTM tracker
(tie grapple) and trailer combo.

100 Ton remote control automated ballast cars
with both inside and outside rail dump.

Tom Monroe: (415) 616-3472


Services Available

Mid-Am Equipment

Flat Cars for Bridges

Railcar Marketing – All railcar types

Railcar Parts

Tank Cars for Storage

Bob Schroeder: (480) 247-3892







Spectrum Recycling Services, Inc.

Portage – Indiana

Railcar Scrapping/recycling Services

Contact: David Schau
Phone: (219) 324-8165
Fax:      (219) 324-8166

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Railcar & Locomotive Parts

                    Mid-Am Equipment:

Locomotive Parts/Rebuilt
Auxiliary Generators: 10KW, 14 KW, 18KW & 24KW
Main Generators:        D12, D15, D22, D32, Ar10
Traction Motors           D57, D67, D77 & D78
Wheel Sets                     GP & SD Hyatt’s/RB Switcher
Air Brake Sets                26L

Freight Car Parts

Axles & Wheel Sets:
Wheel Sets:                      70, 100 & 110 ton
Rebuilt Truck Sets          70, 100 & 110 ton

More inventory available.

Phone: (480) 247-3892

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Mid-Am Equipment

For Sale Flatcars for Bridges

Bob: (480) 247-3892

Mid-Am Slider 10


Mid-Am Equipment can supply flat car underframes to be used for bridge applications.

Complete flatcars can be delivered on their own wheels to your designated private rail siding.

Underframe can also be stripped at Mid-Am Equipment’s contractor’s facilities and shipped by truck to your job site.

We have rail flat cars available for use as bridges. We can provide transportation and other services connected with using flat cars for bridges.
We also purchase flatcars for conversion to flatcars. Inventory is always changing and we have bridges across the states.

Get your quote here

Get your quote here
ex: Length of flatcar desired

Rail Flatcars for Sale for use as bridges.

Jim H. Wilson, LLC.

Harwood Texas

Now offering Transloading Service

Railcar Scrapping Services


Industrial Scrap Dealer-Demolition Rail C2rs & Locomotive Dismantles

  • Delivering Carrier: UP

  • Parts Recovery Program

Phone: (830) 540-4000
Fax: (830) 540-4061

Railcar dismantling & Scrapping services – Railcars purchased for scrap

* * * * * * * * * *

Jimco, Inc.

Montebello California

Transloading Service

An Industrial Scrap Dealer and Railcar Dismantling Company
  • Delivering Carrier: UP
  • Parts Recovery Program

719 Union Street, P.O. Box 967 Montebello, CA 90640

Phone: (323) 724-9835
Fax: (323) 724-9837

We buy railcars for dismantling and scrapping

* * * * * * * * *

Mississippi Export Railroad

Available for long and short term Lease:
  • 2,000 + car capacity
  • loaded or empty & haz. mat. Cars
  • Can accommodate unit trains with gross weight up to 315,000 per car
  • M-1003 & M1002 C6 certified railcar shop facility on line
  • Team tracks available for transfer
  • Storage track monitored with camera surveillance
  • daily service Monday through Friday
  • Interchange with CXCT, CN, NS & KCS
  • Forward Storage — Regional distribution center tailored for your needs

Business Development – Market Analyst
Mississippi Export Railroad Company
4519 Mc lnnis Avenue
Moss Point, MS 39563
Phone: (228) 474-0702
Fax: (228)475-3337

Rail Equipment for Sale or Lease

ATEL Equipment Services

For Lease or Sale:

5,000 CF, 286 GRL, PD covered hoppers

Tom Monroe: (415) 616-3472

Investors First Capital

For Sale or Lease-Purchase

New Mill Gondolas (July-Aug- Delivery).
97+ 3288 CF Sand Hoppers
(1) 60’, Center Beam Flat car
18 Aluminum Gondolas, 286K
100+ 4350 CF, Aluminum Gondolas, 286K
100+ End of life 89’ flatcars
49-85′ Flatcars 286K
24-60′ Boxcars, 286K, coming off  lease in
 67- 3247 CF, Sand Hoppers, 286K.
       (lease assumption possible)
120-4750 CF, Closed Top Hoppers, 268K
    coming off lease in June
AAR Approved, 286K, Flatcar conversions for your needs. (Woodchips- Scrap – paper and more).

Wanted to Buy:
200+ 4000 CF, Bottom Dump Hoppers.
          (Steel or Alum or Rapids)
Boxcars: 50’ or 60’ – 100 Ton
5250 CF or larger covered hoppers
50’ or 60’ flatcars

               Your Inventory

Sam Mannino: (814) 692-5277

Abby K Luse: (814) 777 -7756

Mid-Am Equipment

Available for Sale or Lease:

 3 – 23,500 Gallon, 105J and 112J – 300 to 400 PSI – for captive service only.

  3 – 34,00000 Gallon, 105J and 112J – 300
     to 400 PSI – for captive service only

Railcars Wanted

Boxcars 70 or 100 ton. Sliding or Plug doors.

Flat cars, All sized to be used as bridges and/or interchange

Gondolas – All sizes for captive service and interchange

Flat Cars for use as bridges for Sale

10 – 89’ Flatcars Suitable for Bridges only.

Phone: (480) 247-3892