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Flatcars for Bridges

Rail Flatcar for Bridge

Mid-Am Equipment flat car for bridge

Flatcar bridges located across the US.  Get your flatcar for bridge get your low price quote now. Prices can be delivered and assistance is available.

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Flat Cars for Bridges

Mid- Am Equipment
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Flatcar Bridge installation

2 89′ Flatcar Bridge cut in half and installed side by side. They can also be uncut to make an 89′ flatcar bridge. flatcar bridge can be used on farms – over creeks, ravines and wetlands.

Flatcar for bridge - Flatcar bridge install

Flatcar Bridge installation – Flatcar bridges with large weight load capacity well over 50 metric tons. Perfect for many different uses including on farms, over creeks, ravines wetlands and more.

Flatcar Bridge Installation

2 Flatcars butted together to make a single 18′ wide flatcar bridge. Great for farms and low volume traffic areas.








Flatcar Bridge Installation
Farm bridges
Creek Bridges
Hiking trail bridges


Quick delivery of flatcars from locations across the US