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Pressure Car

Rail Equipment for Sale or Lease

ATEL Equipment Services

 For Lease or Sale:

1990 Gunderson built, S162 40’ Five-pack
     intermodal well cars

1979 built, 50 Foot 70 ton cushioned
     underframe boxcars with 10’ sliding

Tom Monroe: (415) 616-3472

Investors First Capital

For Sale or Lease:

244+ 4500 CF, Aluminum Gondolas, 286K

50-4400CF Alum RD Hoppers 263K

Alum Gondolas 4400CF (286K)

88 High Side Flat Bottom Gondolas 286K

Refer Boxcars 286K.

Wanted to Buy, Other

EOL Tankers for storage/Captive Services.

100 Ton boxcars

200 Mill Gondolas

Flat Bottom Gondolas

Small closed top hoppers w/ trough,

 Bottom Dump Coal Cars
4750 or Larger Covered Hoppers

Small Closed top hoppers with trough hatches

200+ 4000 CF, Bottom Dump Hoppers.
     (Steel or Alum or Rapids) or 25- Steel
      Manual Dumps

50′ or 60′ flatcars

                     Your Inventory

Sam Mannino: (814) 692-5277

Abby K Luse: (814) 777 -7756

Mid-Am Equipment

Available for Sale or Lease:

 3 – 23,500 Gallon, 105J and 112J – 300 to 400 PSI – for captive service only.

  3 – 34,00000 Gallon, 105J and 112J – 300
     to 400 PSI – for captive service only

Railcars Wanted

Boxcars 70 or 100 ton. Sliding or Plug doors.

Flat cars, All sized to be used as bridges and/or interchange

Gondolas – All sizes for captive service and interchange

Flat Cars for use as bridges for Sale

10 – 89’ Flatcars Suitable for Bridges only.

Bob Schroder: (480) 247-3892