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Rail Equipment for Sale or Lease

ATEL Equipment Services

 For Lease or Sale:

1990 Gunderson built, S162 40’ Five-pack
     intermodal well cars

1979 built, 50 Foot 70 ton cushioned
     underframe boxcars with 10’ sliding

1982 Built, 4750 CF, covered hopper cars,
      trough hatch, gravity gates, 268K GRL

Tom Monroe: (415) 616-3472

Investors First Capital

For Sale or Lease:

244+ 4500 CF, Aluminum Gondolas, 286K

50-4400CF Alum RD Hoppers 263K

Alum Gondolas 4400CF (286K)

88 High Side Flat Bottom Gondolas 286K

Refer Boxcars 286K.

Wanted to Buy, Other

EOL Tankers for storage/Captive Services.

100 Ton boxcars

200 Mill Gondolas

Flat Bottom Gondolas

Small closed top hoppers w/ trough,

 Bottom Dump Coal Cars
4750 or Larger Covered Hoppers

Small Closed top hoppers with trough hatches

200+ 4000 CF, Bottom Dump Hoppers.
     (Steel or Alum or Rapids) or 25- Steel
      Manual Dumps

50′ or 60′ flatcars

                     Your Inventory

Sam Mannino: (814) 692-5277

Abby K Luse: (814) 777 -7756

Mid-Am Equipment

Available for Sale or Lease:

 3 – 23,500 Gallon, 105J and 112J – 300 to 400 PSI – for captive service only.

  3 – 34,00000 Gallon, 105J and 112J – 300
     to 400 PSI – for captive service only

Railcars Wanted

Boxcars 70 or 100 ton. Sliding or Plug doors.

Flat cars, All sized to be used as bridges and/or interchange

Gondolas – All sizes for captive service and interchange

Flat Cars for use as bridges for Sale

10 – 89’ Flatcars Suitable for Bridges only.

Bob Schroder: (480) 247-3892