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1986 – The Rail Mart is established

The Rail Mart was started back in 1986 and incorporated in as an independent classified paper for the rail industry to allow shippers to utilize their fleet to the fullest by communicating with other shippers, their rolling stock needs and surpluses. The Rail Mart is always adapting and changing to serve it’s customers needs. The one constant denominator is the never ending process of maintaining a good and current database for the publication as well as keeping the cost down to its advertisers. In doing so it has become the number one source for equipment listings that are real. Because the advertisers are required to pay for listings the listings they do put in are for equipment, parts and services that are actually available or just checking the market.


The Rail Mart added its website in 2000. It is now on the first page of all major search engines for several keywords. It is maintained daily and the current digital edition is always available as well as many additional free features. The website wanted ads are free, this includes equipment wanted, employment wanted as well as other related wanted categories.


In 2009 The Rail Mart added a free shop directory. This is always available to the customers so that when there’s a need to have a railcar serviced the list is there. The directory is done by state and shop name in alphabetical order.

Starting in March 2011 The Rail Mart began publishing a digital edition with active links & email. This state of the art edition has been well received. It started with 350 subscribers and in less than nine months has grown to over 1800 subscribers. The cost of advertising in The Rail Mart has not changed it remains the same in 2012 as an 2011.


In November 2011 The Rail Mart started a scrap directory. This list includes scrapping companies from around the country. It too is organized by state in alphabetical order.


2012 The Rail Mart print edition is in full color, yet the pricing remains the same.

Still there are more plans for The Rail Mart in 2012. The next project will be a locomotive repair directory. This too will be a free directory available for all customers for when they need to shop and compare their locomotive service needs.

Conrad has been involved in the rail industry for over 40 years now and has a vast array of experience in the rail industry. His career started with a Union Oil where he managed a fleet of leased and owned tank cars. He moved from Union Oil to a railcar leasing company as their operations Manager to set up original systems to manage their fleet owned and brokered railcars. From there He went on to start “The Rail Mart” in 1986 and at the same time purchased and managed a small fleet consisting of box cars and covered hoppers.

The Rail Mart, Inc. is now offering the many years experience in managing railcars to companies who need these services. During his career he has done consulting for short line railroads, bank & financial institutions as well as leasing companies doing everything from residual evaluations to fleet planning and marketing. Conrad is always in close contact with companies and customers in the industry. Constantly learning more about the industry with an ever expanding knowledge of the different segments from used parts to railcar scrapping as well as switch engines and locomotives.


The newly updated Rail Mart online website is launched.

Find your equipment needs from flat car bridges, tank cars, scraping services, tank cars, maintenance of way equipment, hopper cars and more.

Quick easy fill out forms to find prices on railcars for scrap, flat cars for bridges and more.

Conrad Tannhauser
Editor & Founder