Locomotive Power & Parts Available
for Sale or lease

Horizon Rail

Available for Lease:

HZRX 708: EMD SW-1200

Very Clean, Completely Overhauled, Field Tested, Hotstart, Fresh Blue card.  
The perfect locomotive for spotting cars for loading and unloading. 
Will pull on par with SW1000, 1500 & MP15 at affordable pricing.

HZRX 343:  EMD SD-9M

Very Clean, Class-1 overhauled, Auto-Alignment, Remote-Ready, Hotstart.
Will pull on par with SD18 & 38 power at affordable pricing.
The perfect locomotive for switching unit trains for loading and unloading. 

HZRX 1803: EMD GP-11

In shop, expected complete late 2017.  Clean, Dash-1 Controls, Hotstart, Remote Ready. 
Will pull on par with GP-15 & 38 power at affordable pricing.
Planning to configure as a slug mother and is available for short-term lease as currently configured.

All HZRX Locomotives are Turn-Key, fill with coolant, start and come with:

- Onboard Bearing Lubrication System

- Plumbing Schematic

- Wiring Schematic

- Filter/Consumable Listing with part numbers

- Air Brake Listing with trade names

- Single point of contact, reliably reachable. 

Jon Jaros: (440)478-8009
Email:  jon@horizonrail.com


ATEL Equipment Services
Shuttlewagon Available for lease:

1 - Shuttlewagon SWX 630

Tom Monroe: (415) 616-3472
Email: tmonroe@atel.com


Mid-Am Equipment

1 – SW900, EMD Locomotive

Bob Schroeder: (480)247-3892
Email: Mid-Am

Mid-Am Equipment

Locomotive Parts Recovery
We buy Railcar & Locomotives for parts
Make the extra dollar by selling off the railcar parts. To get free quote on parts Call:

Bob: (480)247-3892

Locomotive Parts

Mid-Am Equipment

Rebuilt EMD Parts

Auxiliary Generators 10KW, 14KW, 18KW & 24KW

Main Generators D12, D15, D22, D32, AR10

Traction Motors D57, , D67 D77 & D78

Wheel sets GP & SD Hyatts/RB Switcher
Air Brake Sets 26L

Bob Schroeder: (480)247-3892




Phone: (815)236-2998

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